Introducing… An Eco Hostel like no other!

Still in the idea phase, we thought we would make a blog just to get our ideas out there.

Costa Rica is a hub for eco hostels, and sustainable travelers, so we are going to be located just outside the sweet little town of Samara in Costa Rica. However, we are going to spice it up a notch. We won’t just be another eco-style hostel, we are going to be a REGENERATIVE hostel, which is a step above sustainability.

Sustainability means to break even, and if just some of the people on the planet are breaking even, our beautiful planet is still in jeopardy. Since to just stop polluting isn’t inspiring enough, we are going to give back more than we take; where 1 plus 1 really can equal 1,000.

It will be a collection of huts, instead of one building with a lot of hostel rooms, all separated by paths that wind through nature. The huts will be constructed of sturdy bamboo and plastic bricks (filling plastic bottles with recycled plastic and using them to build). We will grow all the food for our restaurant in our 20 acre farm, and all food compost will go back to the farm through our worm farm and composting toilets. If you want to use electricity, for any reason, we will be bicycle and sun powered generators, and our water will be filtered and captured from rainfall.

We will have workshops daily: jewelry making, yoga, acro yoga, meditation, aerial acrobatics, and reiki healing for both male and female energy.

So please help join us in Generator Hostel, in our attempt to make it the most regenerative place in Costa Rica and spark inspiration for others to follow in our footsteps!